Spleen II

by Marlon Dean Clift



released December 6, 2013

Written, performed and produced by Marlon Dean Clift



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ethics 101
You will deny it, but you're so sick and immature
You fall in love and then you change your mind
You poison all that is good and pure
You will burn all that's true and good
You will burn me, oh yes
And you'll never look back

You're so blind and cruel
To Beauty and Truth
And yet you like to think of yourself
As a philosopher
Your mind is a cage
You're trapped inside your child's play
You're so blind and cruel
To Beauty and Truth
Your mind is a cage
But I'm free and beautiful
But I am true, beautiful
Forever and more
Track Name: Chemo [nude]
I don't know for how long I'll look this young
You took my love and all my hopes, they made me strong
I don't know anymore who I am
All I see is skin and bones, I'm almost gone
I try my best, one last effort
I try to dream but everything feels a lie

I'm almost gone
Your face slowly fades
I still feel you kissing my hands while I was asleep
Waking up to the smell of your hair and breath
Apple pies, blueberries and pancakes
I try my best, I try to dream
But all feels so unreal
Without you
Track Name: The Oncologist
I gotta quit
I gotta stop
I gotta let you go
I never did
I know you wanted this for a long time
I know your heart can't stand to have me close
I gotta go
I gotta scream
I gotta bleed
I gotta heal myself
I gotta go
Away from you
I'm a ghost
You know you can't see who I am

I gotta quit, stop, leave, go
I gotta keep what's left of me
Maybe I'll run
Or maybe I'll fly away
Back to where I belong
Track Name: I Came From a Fairytale
I run across the icy rain
I sing out loud your name
But nothing seems to ease the pain
Once it worked, I became real
You touched my skin and held me tight
But now I'm soaked in cold
But now I'm cold and alone

I only know one way to love
This way is forever, dear
Do you want me to change the way I feel?
There's only a way I know
A way to live, a way to love
I drew myself a big blue sky
One where I could dream and fly
One to shelter you from the evil
Of this world

There's only a way I know to live
It's the same way I do love
A way forever
I run across the icy rain
I'd do it a million times again
Sing out loud your name and wait for you
Track Name: Tattooed To The Bone
If you could see her with my eyes
And feel her with my skin
You'd be changed forever
You'd be a different man
A man like me, yes

If you could love her with my heart
And hold her with my arms
Her light would be brighter
Yours wouldn't dim
Everything in its right place

So if you ever meet her
Make love to her the way I would
Be rough, be sweet, be gentle
Comb her hair with your hands
Oh, she loves that thing
You'll love to love her

You'll never be able to let her go
You'll never be able to forget her
So if you ever meet her
Please, make love to her the way I would
Oh... if only I could
Track Name: Cocoon
Wrapped in my cocoon
I cry myself to sleep
Every day's the same
It's so cold in here

I don't wanna be alone
Floating in the dark
I love you so much
I will always do

Beautiful cocoon
Shaped like a star
We used to live in here
Cozy and unharmed

Wrapped in my cocoon
You are all I see
You are all I feel
Now it's cold in here

It's cold
Track Name: Eilífur
Eilíf ást
Eg elska tig
Track Name: Random Machinery (trailer for "Spleen II")
"I can't recall how it was to have hopes, to be liked by someone, to be loved, and I don't think I like myself anymore. But that would be the cheap answer.

We don't even like ourselves and still we try so hard to find people to like, and we try so hard to be liked by others. It's all about synapses, chance, emotions. All mixed up. It's like random machinery.

So, let me tell you, that is not love.

That is not the thing that fuels my life and my thought. It doesn't fuel my reason, it doesn't fuel the way I fuck or the way I hate because that's not real. But we, we were real. We knew who we were, we knew what we were looking for.

You and this guy? That's not real. He's just playing make-believe, just like you do. He thinks of himself as some intellectual, some creator, some insightful man, but he isn't. He's just trying too hard to be what he will never be, and maybe you're doing the same thing.


Perhaps I never loved you.

But something in me tells me I really did.

I loved you.

And I still do.

And there's a part of you which still does."