Spleen III

by Marlon Dean Clift



released June 22, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Christopher Lee's Dead
Pick up the phone, pick up the phone
Do you know where I'm calling from?
I will be there if you want me to
Calling from inside of my heart
I promise you I'll never break you in two
Or split you into seven pieces
I just want you to
Pick up the phone, pick up the phone
I'm calling from inside my heart, inside these lonely walls
And I promise you I'll never break you in two
Or make a seven pieced woman out of you

Just pick up the phone
Track Name: 1984
It was 1984, I was by your side by the sea shore
Under the melting sun and the creamy waves
I wanna be there forever
By the sea shore, by your side
Where nothing went wrong
1984, I wanna live there forever
The dialect of your eyes
Nobody talked to me that way ever again
Track Name: The Constant Gardener
There's something off in the way you talk
Marble wings, is this a garden or a grave?
Filthy lies, mind games
Finally the worms feast

I rake this place
Water it
Sow the seeds
And wake the Sun

I am no slave at all
I just take care of this place
I'm not in love
I am free from your spell

(at last)
Track Name: Candyd
"Come, have some sweet
I won't hurt you, kid
Let's have some of this"
That's what she said to me
Track Name: Purplepink
I removed your clothes
You unzipped my pants
Then you put in your mouth

I went down on you
Honey, milk and salt
An everlasting taste

You went down on me
You were heaven sent
A gift from hell

I was yours
And you were mine
We were going to town

And then it broke
A million incoherent bits
That's when I got lost
And started fading away
I need a last taste


Stop the lies
It's not too late to come clean
See what you've done
Why did you bring this on me?
You want to put me down?
Why don't you come here, bring your guns
Come on, be brave, be the one I once knew, that's not you
Stop the lies
It's time to make it right
Can't you see you've been brainwashed by a child
Of the worst kind
It's time to make this right

Track Name: Asunder
The church bells, sick birds
I can't stand myself
I tried my best but I failed
Father, don't you care?
There is no woman, neither space for me
I'm just a lie and its stench
I didn't know how to respect
The rose

It's over
No more
Can't you leave this to me?

Soon I'll stop singing
Track Name: The Fleeting And The Inevitable
I never want to sleep or die but neither live like this, out of time
It's so heavy I can barely carry it, the eyes of strangers
So come on

What is wrong with you? Why do you look at me like that?
I can read it in your eyes, oh babe, please let me help
It's okay, just give me your hand and dance till we drop dead
I don't wanna be a stranger to you
I just need you to trust and move with me
For you I'd wait forever, it's true

I never want to die or sleep but neither live like this without you
My queen, my sun, my star
Something's ripping my flesh apart, I don't know what it is
I don't feel immortal anymore, I just want to wish
But I can't even wish and I can't even think
I'm losing myself for good
Who's gonna cry? Who's gonna be there to sing?
Who's gonna know my name if it's an unmarked grave?
Please, someone let me in
Please, kill the pain
Track Name: Times Of Need
It's a fact, you're the only one who ever entered the chambers of my heart
And you painted them in colors that'll everlast
Come here, my love
I'm a man, a man who falls and then crumbles
Someone nobody sees or cares about
One of many
But me, I can't stand more pain
I need you to come here, my love
If only I could have you tonight
Lying by my side
If only I could make love to you
I'd stop falling down, stop crumbling, stop aching
So please
Come here, my love
And stay
Everything's gonna be okay
I swear
Track Name: Frogs & Toads
I'm hanging alone from bar to bar, town to town
I'm carrying around a picture of you and the noose you threw around my neck
So everybody will know that my love is true and strong (with its) rights and wrongs
Frogs and toads, right or wrong, who cares anymore
Everybody I've loved is in love with somebody I loathe or who loathes me
Baby, you got a brain thing 'cos everybody you've loved ended up destroyed
Or maybe this is just a fucked up world
Everybody I love loves somebody I loathe
Frogs and toads
Dog eat dog
Birds and stones
Fuck you all
Track Name: Stationary
I can't like you
Can't even look at you
She's got a hold on me
Now it's not then
Here is not there
She will always be
Is my love too strong
Or am I too weak
To let it go?

I can't like you
Can't even look at you
You're no blue eyed blonde
I can't trust you
If you don't hurt me
The way she did to me
There is no place
Where I can be safe
From her memory
I can't like anyone
I don't want to like anyone

I can't like you
Can't even look at you
She will always got a hold on me
Now it's not then
Here is not there
All I wanted to be