Young Lion

by Marlon Dean Clift



released August 26, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Caballo Blanco
Summer tonight
I'm too hot to be handled
Summer tonight
I'm too hollow to be hugged
Summer by your side
So brief, bittersweet
There's some magic attached to it
I can't get rid of it

Pastures of blue
So this was the place
Where I end
While you don't care
Did you ever give
A damn?
Track Name: The Truest Acorns
I take your hand, give you a million acorns and all my faith
I don't want this to end
I say I want to live with you
I see cardboard boxes, pictures and toys
My love, your love prevails
Yes it does
Track Name: Jamie N.
Paint my love, just let it go
If you can't sleep or you're too drunk
Just picture me behind your back
I'll be there telling you
That everything's gonna be alright
Don't worry, I'll take care of you
Til you want me to
Picture me behind your back
Kissing your shoulders
Telling you that everything's gonna be alright
I love you so much
But if one day you want me to let go of you
I'll let go, but you should know
I'll keep you in my mind no matter what
I'll make love to you
Although you're not there

I love you, I will always do
Even though it might be too soon
Track Name: Girlfriend?
Imagine me living down the street
We could do drinks and make love afterwards
Now I see it doesn't matter if I'm loving or tender, handsome or true
'Cos I will always be transparent, invisible, unfeelable, too far away from you

I'm not there, I know this because there is somebody else
I've seen his face and since then I don't feel myself

Picture this
We're holding hands, melting with the morning gold
So does your hand in mine
I look into your eyes and then you smile

Sometimes I feel myself back for a second
I feel you caressing my belly
And I'm not afraid of not being loved
'Cos I got you and you got me
As simple as it sounds
Track Name: Makiko
I was in third grade, the teacher sat you next to me
You were so polite, so pretty, oh that calligraphy
You always smiled at me but never looked at me right in the eye
Was it because you're japanese or were you just shy?

Sweet and cold, an ice cream doll
Steady and mature, oh you looked so pure

I could hold you, so strong
I still think of you
My life is all a mess
Where are you, my princess?
Oh, where are you?