A Place in the Sun

by Marlon Dean Clift



released November 22, 2007

Produced by Victor Garcia
Mixed by Victor and Santi Garcia
2007, Ultramarinos Costa Brava



all rights reserved
Track Name: At Cement Park: The Place
The brotherhood of night and cold
Froze the source of sound
Every adventure has its flag
An orchid made of ink and tears
Fireflies shone under the tavern lights
While lies vanished in the fury and memory
I was poetry, you were my tapestry
At Cement Park
Candles breathe together
In lovely pairs
Ochre leaves are falling from your face
Bards are fainting in front of the gates
Passers-by can't feel our presence or caress
We'll shrink in the waters of the pond
Releasing coloured legends
For those who cannot hear our words
Track Name: I Am the Sun: The Lover
Trust me
You know I'm the only one
Who can give you the ray, the sun, the light
The things that you can't live without
One day you'll come to my opened arms
To these sweet, tender, loving, strong arms

It's the end of the World
And you'll never feel that loved again
It's the birth of my feelings
Will you come and say hello?
To these sweet, tender arms
The day I'll close my eyes
All of this will be gone

Trust me
You know I'm the poet and the thief
The one who steals your feelings and your vibes
Running wild to you
One day you'll come to this opened heart
The ears, the voice of the one you wanna trust
When the light is gone from you
Oh yeah
You never wanted more than... gotcha
"Give me more, give me the sun, the feelings"
Track Name: Blanket: The Rest
Everybody's saying goodbye
With tears in their eyes
As the party is ending
Alcohol and cigarettes
Do the best of the rest they can do with their hearts
Everybody's singing sweet soul songs
As the meaningless sounds from my throat
Get lost in the midst of the mist, in the core of romance
And every night
I write a song
To keep you warm
To keep you close to me
And every day
I wonder if
You're still hungry
Hungry for me
Hungry for love and musical boxes
Track Name: Single: The Curse
Why don't you buy a gun
To blow out my mind?
Why don't you rent a car
To drive far from here?
Because I'm single
And nobody wants
To pick me up
And I'm single
And nobody wants
To take me out
From this dream, it's your dream too
I'm single and I don´t wanna be anymore
Why don't you drop your coat?
Come closer and light my fire
Why don't you come close to me?
Admit that you feel some vibes
Track Name: The Rules of Attraction: The Separation
There is no sickness in this world
Capable of changing someone into me
Into what I mean to you
There are no reasons to avoid
All the love I contain
There are no reasons to insist
Into what I mean to you
Should I let the others come?
Kiss you with no passion in their lips
Should I let the waters spit on my face?
Should I let the cars pass me by?
Should I let the ladies pass me by?
You are my some...one
But the sea is getting dry
And the seagulls are flying low
There is no sickness in this world
Capable of changing someone into me
Into what I mean to you
Into what I was
When I was in your arms
Track Name: That Holy Honey: The Intercourse
She Said
"I want you deep inside of me"
She Said
"Stand very still,
I wanna feel it beating inside of me"

"And why don't you stay one more night?
why don't you stay for a lifetime?
While that holy honey
Drips down our thighs"

And I'd like to be her slave
And I´m her slave
Track Name: True Fiction: The Truth
You're not real
You're no part of me
There's nothing beyond my flesh and bone
I am Reality
I am the Law
I am the Flesh and Bone
All the things you believe in
I am the Gift
Is my Work
Nothing but me is real
Welcome to my world
I am the Flesh and Bone
You are not real
I am the Gift
I am the Reality